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We have built temples in places such as South Africa, Denmark, the Joined together Kingdom, Switzerland, Srilanka, and numerous other places. This, we have done as per the rules and directions that have been laid down within the Vaastu shastra.

Vaastu Shastra (Vaastu Sastra, “science of construction”) is antiquated teaching that comprises statutes born out of a conventional see on how the laws of nature influence human residences. The plans are based on directional arrangements. It is essentially connected to Hindu engineering, particularly for Hindu sanctuaries, even though it covers other spaces, counting vehicles, vessels, furniture, form, etc. The establishment of Vaastu is customarily attributed to the legendary sage Mamuni Mayan (Mahaa-muni Maya, a Danava/demon transformed by Tapasya/austerities) within the South and Vishvakarma in North India. Whereas Vaastu had long been confined to sanctuary design, there has been a restoration of it in India, in later decades, a rebuilding of the convention in cutting-edge Indian society since the 1960s. We, in our implies, are contributing to the restoration of this antiquated information and spreading the radiance of our awesome arrival, Bhaarat.

Balakumar Sivasubramaniam

Founder & CEO

Founder & Managing Partner

Founder & CEO