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Temple Constructions

Hindu temple architecture as the main form of Hindu architecture has many varieties of styles, though the basic nature of the Hindu temple remains the same, with the essential feature of an inner sanctum, the garbha griha or womb-chamber Around this chamber, This chamber often has an open area designed for movement in a clockwise rotation for rituals and prayers. The garbhagriha is crowned by a tower-like shikhara, also called the vimana in the south. Even if we do not know the scientific reason behind it, there must be either 64 or 81 squares. The idol of the temple is with the square that is in the center. We build the temple in the north-east direction only. It is preferred that the entrance of the temple must be in the east direction. It is very important to understand that the Shadow of the temple must never reach the house.

There are four important elements of a temple. The first one is the porch. The porch has to be at the entrance of the temple. The second element is a Mandap or hall. This Mandap can be attached to the temple or detached. But it has to be there. The third element happens to be Garbh Griha. It can be understood as the womb chamber or the inner sanctum. The fourth element is the Dom or the tower that is constructed directly above the womb chamber important element of a temple. Many points are to be taken care of while constructing a temple. It is supposed to be connected with nature, the universe, and the Supreme Power that is controlling and driving the whole universe. We take care of all the important points that are to be considered while constructing a temple. A temple is considered to be a place where we connect ourselves with god. A temple must promote the constructive elements of the universe and control the negative energies. We Indians never begin anything without worshipping Lord Ganesha. After worshipping Lord Ganesha, we also go for Vastu Pooja to please Vastu Deva. It is very necessary to do everything in the construction of a temple correctly. While building the temple, Every inch is in the mind. The rules and regulations were mentioned by the Vedic Shastra. There must be either 64 or 81squares. The idol of the temple is with the square that is in the center. The kinds of material are silver, copper, etc; but not iron. Iron attracts negative energy. It is very necessary to avoid the usage of iron. In case iron is used in the construction of the temple, it becomes necessary to make sure that all other particulars are followed while building the temple so that it can attract positive energy only.